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The Second International Conference of IALE-Iran was held at Isfahan University of Technology from October 26 to 27, 2016.

Conference Them

The conference was transdisciplinary and was including a wide range of symposia tackling the themes below. It will include all landscapes: natural, urban, marine, freshwater, and...

  • Biodiversity conservation at landscape scale and landscape genetics
  • Land use change, landscape monitoring and management
  • Spatial analysis of organism distribution in environment
  • Landscape economics: valuing ecosystem services at the landscape scale
  • Landscapes and humans: linking landscape pattern perception and human well-being
  • Co-management of natural resources and adaptive capacity of socio-ecological landscape systems
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Landscape ecological impacts of climate change
  • Landscape ecology and coastal and marine sustainability
  • Urban landscape design and management
  • Green spaces design & landscape architecture


Conference Organization


Conference Chair 

Dr. Nasrollah Mahboobi soofiani




Sima Fakheran, President of IALE-Iran

Scientific Committee Chair 

Dr. Sima Fakheran

Head of IALE-Iran



Executive Committee Chair

Dr.Dr.ali lotfi





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