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  • Dr. Rasoul Khosravi:

Selecting Comprehensive Multispecies Umbrella for Biodiversity Conservation of Fragile Desert Ecosystems of Central Iran. 2016-2018, (Supervisor: Dr Mahmoud Reza Hemami)

  • Dr. Mitra Shariati:

Detecting Long-term Changes of Four Important Wetlands in Iran and its Effect on Residents and Migratory Birds. 2018-2019, (Supervisor: Dr Mahmoud Reza Hemami)

  • Dr. Forough Goudarzi

Climate Change Effects on the Global Distribution of Nesting and Foraging Sites in Chelonioidea. 2021-Now, (Supervisor: Dr Mahmoud Reza Hemami)

  • Dr Neda Bihamta Toosi

Assessing Suitable Areas for Mangroves Reforestation and Development Based on VHR Satellite Data. 2021-Now, (Supervisors: Dr Alireza Soffianian & Dr Sima Fakheran Esfahani)

  • Dr Mohammad Nemati Varnosfaderany

Origin and Depositional History of Organochlorine, Organophosphate and Pyrethroid Pesticides in the Sediments of Zayandehroud River and Gavkhooni Wetland. 2016-2017, (Supervisors: Dr Alireza Soffianian & Dr Nourollah Mirghaffari)

  • Dr Reza Zakerinejad

Modeling Approaches to Assess Gully Erosion with Special Emphasis on Terrian Analysis. 2016-2017, (Supervisor: Dr Saeed Soltani Koupaee)


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