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This is a climatic-ecological station in the northeastern part of Isfahan. DEFSI was established based on collaboration between Department of Natural Resources of Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) and Xinjiang Institute of ecology and geography of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). By the establishment of DEFSI the Islamic republic of Iran joins to the network of Middle East, Middle Asia, China and Africa climate-ecology network.

  • Dr. Rasoul Khosravi:

Selecting Comprehensive Multispecies Umbrella for Biodiversity Conservation of Fragile Desert Ecosystems of Central Iran. 2016-2018, (Supervisor: Dr Mahmoud Reza Hemami)

  • Dr. Mitra Shariati:

Detecting Long-term Changes of Four Important Wetlands in Iran and its Effect on Residents and Migratory Birds. 2018-2019, (Supervisor: Dr Mahmoud Reza Hemami)

  • Investigation of plant-microbe interactions within the pioneer plant Miscanthus sinensis inhabiting mine tailings and the potential for bioremediation. Joint project of Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Project Leaders:  Dr. Mohsen Soleimani and Dr. Weimin Sun. 2021.

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Department of natural resources engineering offers different areas study including fisheries sciences, environmental sciences and rangeland management offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. All courses are taught in Farsi. The Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs are typically four years program, 8 semesters, 140 credits, for which the applicants are supposed to take the national entrance exam.

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