Research Interests:

·         Breeding and culture of warm and cold water fishes and other aquatic life

·         Brackish and freshwater biology and fisheries management

·         Identification of water resources and their potentials for aquaculture

·         Fish nutrition and growth

·         Environmental impacts of aquacultural development

·         Benthic fauna of rivers and lakes in the Province of Isfahan and the neighboring regions

·         Application of fertilizers in fish farming and its impacts on fish productivity

·         Ichthyology; fish biology and systematics

·         Limnology and marine ecology

·         Fish reproductive & growth physiology

·         Genetics &aquatic biotechnology

·         Live feed production

·         Aquarium fish culture

Research and Educational Facilities:

·         Fish culture ponds and aquaria

·         Hydrobiology, limnology, and hydrochemistry lab.

·         Ichthyology lab & museum

·         Feed & nutrition equipment

·         Genetics &biotechnology lab

Environmental Sciences

The research interests of the staff include:

·         Land use Planning

·         Spatial analysis

·         Landscape Ecology

·         VertebratesEcology

·         Molecular Ecology

·         Conservation Biology

·         Environmental Impact Assessment

·         Air,Water, and Soil Pollution

·         Climate Change

The laboratories and equipments available for research and education include:

·         Equipments for air pollution measurement (electrodes for measuring carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulfur oxides),

·         Equipments for measuring water pollutants including special electrodes (ISE) for the measurement of nitrate, chlorine and heavy metals concentrations

·         Instruments for COD and BOD measurements.

·         Laboratory for environmental assessment and GIS analyses

·         Laboratory for wildlife research and ornithology

·         Laboratory for genetics and biotechnology research